Our video content packages help you attract, nurture, and close leads.
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We implement effective video marketing in businesses that actually brings results
5 reasons why you need to implement video marketing right now
People who have an emotional connection with brands are willing to pay much more for their products and services.
Drive sales and generate leads using video at every stage of the funnel.
Video ads generate 1200% more shares than images and text combined.
Build an audience around your brand using video. Establish trust and explain the benefits of your product to your leads.
Having constant video content simplifies everything. From sales to hiring and onboarding new employees. Think about how much time you could save explaining your offer to a potential client or employee if you could just send them to a specific video.
Work Stages
Creating a strategy
and content plan
Creating a portrait of the target audience, creating content formats and ideas.
Video production
1. Pre-production (preparation for shooting) 2. Production (1 or more times a month) 3. Post-production (video editing and cross-platform adaptation)
Analysis of results
Every month we provide an analysis of the work done and the efficiency of advertising campaigns
Publishing and running ads
We upload and set up content, run and manage advertising
Based on the results, we improve all processes and scale content and advertising
Brief and brand analysis
Briefing, analysis of brand advantages, competitors, and target audience
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Our clients
Dan Henry
✅ 38.8K subscribers on YouTube
✅ 166K Instagram followers
✅ Author of the WSJ Bestseller, Digital Millionaire Secrets and Co-Founder at CloseDeals.com
✅ Made $30 million selling marketing and sales training
Adam Erhart
✅ 266K subscribers on YouTube
✅ marketing strategist, entrepreneur, and content creator
event planning and balloon design
And dozens of other clients
Why working with us is the best decision
We dive deep into the analysis of your brand and competitors to make a strategy that will work best.
We don't just shoot beautiful videos, we create videos that bring results.
A team of at least 6 professionals works with each client.
We know what works and what doesn't as we have more than 7 years of experience and have created more than 1000 videos.
Video content package is a service that we provide for 4 months and more and during this period, we implement a complete video packaging of the business. Starting from the funnel videos: includes VSL - video sales letter (extremely important for sales), ads at different stages of the funnel, and customer reviews. As well as consistent brand communication videos for social networks that grow your audience, explain how your product or service works to warm up prospects, and make it as easy as possible for them to make decisions. In this way, we cover all the video marketing needs of your company or personal brand and guide the prospects from the beginning to the end of the funnel. We usually customize our offer for each client as the requirements of each business are unique.
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