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If you're a content creator or business owner, editing video just isn't the best use of your time. You've got better things to do.

Your personal editing team composed of an account manager, editor and designer will take your whole editing workload off your hands.
Your account manager will oversee the entire workflow so you can comfortably hit deadlines AND have one less thing to worry about.
Business owner
(those who promote their personal brand)
Work Stages
Send us your footage and editing instructions in the most convenient way
Upload your content
While we edit your video, you can finally put this time to better use
We’ll edit, you relax
Review the results, share your feedback with your editor and download the final work once you are happy with it
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Why Choose Us
There's no denying. Editing videos is often so tedious. You should be able to focus on giving value to your audience, without the shadow of an unfinished pile of footage looming over you.

We connect with your vision, so your videos get the look and feel you want - every time. All of our editors and project managers will learn how to grasp your individual style and create videos you’ll be proud of.
Episode lets you spend more time doing what you love – creating amazing content
We can also help with Thumbnails design and marketing
More than 7 years of experience in video production and digital marketing
Our Team
At Episode our editors have hands-on experience connecting with the visions of successful content creat creators
Over 100 satisfied customers, over 500 video made by our team
Free up your time
Not having to worry about editing and just doing the fun side of content creation
New ideas
Having more freedom to explore the creative ideas bubbling-up inside your head
Unlimited video requests
Release more content, more consistently, with a smoother video creation process
We can help creators with the strategy and content ideas to grow and make more
Thumbnails design
Work with our designers to improve your CTR (Click-Through Rate)
Look through 50 portfolios
Search for a freelancer
Training the editor
Managing the projects
Spend 4 hours a day or more on video editing
our works
Take your vlog to the next level
Editing for the first video up to 1 minute
What services do you offer?
Our speciality is in video editing for youtube, instagram and tik-tok, but we can also help with Thumbnails design and marketing (youtube uploading, strategy, idea generation, video optimization ,External promotion, Contextual advertising Analysis of results, conclusions and optimization of the direction of advancement)
What types of videos can you guys edit?
Episode is great for anyone that wants that wants to outsource professional video editing. We can edit any kind of online video from Facebook ads, instagram videos, to YouTube videos. We also edit commercials, real estate videos, online course videos, Talking head videos, Vlogs, Review videos, Interview, Travel Videos, Multi-Cam, Green screen, Intros & Outros, Social media, Podcasts, Video ads, Explainer videos, Tutorials, Re-editing for social media, Audio cleaning, Color correction , dd Lower thirds, Add call to actions, Add end screens, Add background music, Add B-roll, Add titles, Resizing videos, Re-editing to shorts And many other formats.
How does your pricing work?
Our focus is always on sustainable growth for you, so you only pay as you produce videos. We set an individual price for each video. It depends on the complexity: timing, whether we add subtitles or not and so on. But for regular customers we set individual prices with discounts.
How do you know how to edit my videos to my liking?
We know you only want the clips where you look your best and that’s exactly what we’re going to include. This objective eye helps to improve the quality of your final videos. We also ask you all the right questions in your on-boarding process to learn what you’re looking for and then we will take that and improve upon it.
What is the turnaround time?
Usually our turnaround time is 1 – 3 days and our revisions are 1 business day. But it also depends on the complexity of your video.
Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes, we offer 25% commission on the front end. We also offer recurring commissions for special affiliates. Please send us an email at episode.videoproduction@gmail.com
Can you resize video for other social media channels?
Of course. So this is how it works in most cases. We will edit your video in standard 16:9 format. Once you approve the video, we will realize that video to the other two social media channels of you liking without any additional cost. For example Instagram feed video 1.1 and instagram story 9:16.
Would you be able to follow my current video template?
Your dedicated editor will follow all you branding guidelines and will make sure to make your videos better than your current ones.
Which software your editors work on?
Our editors work on FCPX and Premier pro, After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Davinci Resolve and others.
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